In keeping with our mission of raising committed followers of Christ whose lives areGod-centered, personally fulfilling and socially impactful, The RestHouse emphasizes the knowledge and practice of scriptural truths mainly through:

Christian Basics Classes

These hold for one hour after each Sunday service. Emphasis here is on a systematic exposition of foundation new creation realities including the new birth, redemption, the person and operations of the Holy Spirit, renewing of the mind e.t.c

These enriching classes are facilitated by trained ministers and is a compulsory requirement for those that would join the church workforce.

Neighborhood Cells

These are small group discussion fora designed to foster a more personal horizontal fellowship by increasing weekly contact time between members. With venues scattered all over the city, these home-based cells provide easy access to the church support structures in times of personal need. Running on both selected and house-generated topics under the mature guidance of a cell coordinator, you never quite know what to expect.

Worship, Prayer & Teaching Services

  • Sundays 9am – 11:30am
  • Thursdays 6pm – 8pm
  • Tuesdays 6pm – 7pm

Fort Rehoboth: Opposite Akure Automart/Behind National Teachers’ Institute, by Road Safety Office, Ilesha-Owo Expressway, Akure.

Build your Home


In the divine call of men as husbands and fathers, the men’s ministry provides an interactive platform that supports men in their role as priests, providers and protectors of their families. Single male adults also get to learn the ropes before they get to the marriage bridge.

This is where the women meet once in a month to let down their hair to talk and play. The goal is to , let off steam, make marriage fun, promote godly family values and provide mentorship for single and newly-wed women. The annual Tabitha Christian Women Summit is an entire weekend event that typically features a bible conference, marriage seminar and women’s health workshop.

Our age segmented Children’s church covers ages 0 -15 years. Here our committed children ‘bishops’ compliment parental effort in raising the children in ‘the way that they should go


Becoming part of the workforce of The RestHouse, offers another opportunity to connect with other believers and forge relationships that would enhance your Christian experience. It also offers you a platform to deploy your unique gifts and talents to serve God and the body of Christ. You can do this – once you are done with the Christian basics course – by meeting with the head of the unit or department you wish to join and simply sign up.

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