Faith In God II


Last month we started a discussion on, “Faith in God.” According to
Heb. 11. 6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to Him must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
We were able to establish from the above scripture that there are 2 levels of Faith in God.
Level 1: Faith in His essence (believing that HE IS), that is, in His intrinsic nature and quality which is what determines His character.
Level 2: Faith in His acts (believing that HE REWARDS), that is, He provides, heals, delivers etc)
Because most people in the modern church relate with God at Level 2, we considered that first.
Question 1: Who remembers any of the characteristics of level 1 worshippers from last month’s meeting (Coordinator to proceed to a very QUICK SUMMARY of these characteristics)
Today we will be looking at level 1 faith.
Level 1 faith is believing in God’s essence. His nature as the self – existing, omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all – knowing) and omnipresent (everywhere present) God of love. This can come from two sources:
Generally from the wonders of creation Rom. 1.20
Specifically by revelation Matt 16. 13. 17; Matt 11. 27
Note that although the things that are created point to the fact of the existence of a supernatural God, they do not tell us about His essence or intrinsic character of love, goodness and mercy. This can only be gotten by SPIRITUAL REVELATION as shown from the verses above.
This revelation first comes directly from the Holy Spirit at the point where we get born again and progresses through our Christian life as we stay in the word.
Trying to understand God from the wonders of creation is the root of idolatory and demon worship. Therefore anything man doesn’t understand because of its wonder becomes a god e. g god of thunder, the river goddess, god of iron, god of fertility etc
Question 2: what gods are traditionally worshipped in your part of the country?
God cannot be known or worshipped based on what we see Him do or His “performance” in our lives. Effective worship comes from our spirit – not our reason or our flesh John 4.24. It is done by faith and not by sight. II Cor. 5. 7
This way we are able to love, worship and obey Him even when it looks as if he is not working according to our expectation or delivering on our schedule. The genuine promises of God are only obtained through faith and patience. Heb. 6.12.
Question 3: When you have given, served, confessed, fasted and prayed and nothing happens; what next?
Question 4: John 4.34; Give one example of the will of God – specifically or generally (from the scriptures) for your life.
A lot of times, much as we know the will of God and are even zealous to do it, trials and pressures can cause us to consider alternative approaches to getting what we are trusting Him for.
Question 5: Give personal examples using marriage, job, school, business etc as case studies.
Note that although Jesus was committed to doing the father’s will as we saw in John 4. 26, when He actually came close to the cross He was pressured to consider an alternative Matt 26. 37-39. But He subjected His will and preference to that of the father (v39)
That is what it means to TAKE UP YOUR CROSS (where you crucify your pride, your preferences and your will for His) daily and follow Him. Luke 9. 23
Just like Jesus by absolute trust laid down ALL and was promoted above ALL… Phil. 2. 6 – 9
…We set up ourselves for blessings way beyond our LITTLE visions and dreams if only we can lay them down and whole heartedly embrace His will in all things because, as He said,

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