In the Beginning

The time was 6.25am on Saturday, 20th October 2007. 1 was on the balcony of my house at 3 Caeco motorway, in the south – western Nigerian city of Akure reading the Christmas story as rendered by Luke. Nothing on my mind or in the wintry chill of that harmattan morning prepared me for the remarkable miracle that was to follow. The Rest House Christian Ministry was born!

So, armed with nothing but A WORD from God, we started The Rest House Christian Fellowship in the top -floor seminar room of Kharis Medical Centre at 2a Ondo by pass junction. That meeting had fourteen souls in attendance.

Today, by following God’s simple prompting and placing the highest premium on His word, we are now able to reach millions of people with God’s life changing message through our church – based, media and online outreaches such as you just experienced.

It is our desire that you come again and keep coming because the witness of the Spirit and several individual testimonies assure us that total life transformation will be your experience here at The RestHouse.

Our Mission

To bring the faith, healing and restoration that is in the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ to a hurting world and equip Christians with practical life skills that will enable them live God – centered, personally fulfilling and socially impactful lives.

Our Vision

We exist to raise a body of balanced 24/7 Christians whose positive transforming influence is felt in every sphere of life.

Dr & Dr Mrs. Stanley Orji

Our Pastor

Dr Stanley Orji, the head pastor of The RestHouse was miraculously saved in September 1993 under the ministry of Pastor Charles Omofomah, the senior pastor of The Carpenter’s Church(then Royal Evangel Church), Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He spent the formative years of his Christian life under the ministry of the duo of Pastor Charles Omofomah and Pastor Nkechi Ene, the associate Pastor of the same church.

After about seven years, during which the foundation of solid Christian integrity was laid in his life, he relocated to Akure, western Nigeria, in response to his call up for the compulsory national service for fresh university graduates. Here, he met another minister of the gospel, Pastor Albert Omofomah then of The Bible Breed Church, who incidentally was the older brother of his parent pastor. It was pastor Alberts expressed confidence in his inexperienced protege that fanned the embers of a pastoral gift that was unrecognized even by its recipient. Under his experienced guidance, Dr Stanley learned the rudiments of pastoral ministry and, above all, the virtues of faithfulness.

Nine years after arriving Akure, by 6.25am on the 20th October, 2007, God called him to start The RestHouse. With much fear and trembling, he took the first uncertain steps of obedience with the holding of the maiden meeting of the RestHouse fellowship in the seminar room of his private medical practice on December 14, 2007.

Today, with his simple and practical approach to sharing scriptural truth and God confirming his word with signs following, The RestHouse has continued to grow in quality membership.

Dr Stanley who holds degrees in medicine and public health is married to Eloho, a family physician, and they are blessed with children.


Dr. Stanley Orji

Pastor Chima C Chiedozie

Professor Adesegun O. Fatusi

Dr. Eloho J. Orji(Mrs.)

Mr. Okechukwu Nwokoro

Pastor Akinleye Olubiyi

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