20th  January, 2024
5:00 pm

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Thinking aloud😇

There’s something about these times.

Turmoil, danger, fear; everywhere. It’s as though the prophetic darkness is enveloping the world and the gross darkness of the people. But therein lies yours and my edge. It is our season of kingdom distinction.

If you can lift up your eyes from the fear, the despondency, and the distress that sign-posts the present time; and choose to look to the north, the south, east, and west; you’ll recognize varying dimensions of His glory coming at you from every direction as He seeks to express His light and glory in and through you.

The darkness is our edge because that is where the light shine. “The light shines in darkness….!

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About Us

We exist to raise a body of balanced 24/7 Christians whose positive transforming influence is felt in every sphere of life.

To bring the faith, healing and restoration that is in the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ to a hurting world and equip Christians with practical life skills that will enable them live God – centered, personally fulfilling and socially impactful lives.

Our principle for partnership is captured by the acronym, “TEAM” Together Everyone Achieves More. On the TEAM you get an opportunity to reach the hurting and the lost with the gospel of salvation right from where you are.



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